9/11/2013 02:18:25


Well after a pretty poor week in Scotland where I was'nt playing that well It was
nearly time for the British Par 3 at the beautiful Nailcote Hall. The home of two of
the most loveliest people Rick and Sue Cressman they can never do enough for
 you. You will always see Rick out and about on the golf coarse and as usual it looked
lovely.Im sure Rick is out on the greens with a pair of scissors just getting them last
bits cut and then the lovely Sue you will see going round saying hi to everyone and
making sure every thing is running fine in doors.  I would never get to play in this
great competition if it was'nt for my good friend and team captain Ian Halliwell also
know as the social golfer. He has written a couple of great books so thank you so
much Ian this is our 4th year playing as a team Ian,
Skitty and my self. We have done
really well 1st year we came 2nd and the 2 years to follow we had come 1st so in a way
this was a big year could we get it to make the hat trick. We arrived there on the Monday
looking to have our practice well we didn't get to have one the heavens opened up I haven't
seen rain like it the greens were filling up so its back off to the hotel and fingers crossed
for Tuesday. We was out early we was all keeping an eye on the weather well
as I got up and looked out the window it was a lovely day so shorts on and we head to
Nailcote to find out who our celebrity for this year was and its the one and only Craig Phillips
the 1st ever winner of Big brother and now of the 60 minute make over and true gent
Here is team TSG with Craig we were
starting on the 4th hole not one Id like to
start on as I think its one of the hardest
ones with bunkers all round out of bounds
left and behind the green so not an easy
starting hole. With 3 balls on the green
and 1 just to the side we started with 2 pars
was great this is how it carried on over the
18 holes with our handicaps we didn't have
one bogey so at the end of our round we
were 19 under was this going to be good
enough.There was still a lot of people to go out so plenty of chance for that to be beaten
so after a bit of lunch and a few beers and keeping an eye on some of the other scores I had
a bit of a wander watched some of the golf caught up with the Golfband guys on their stall
before I headed back to the hotel for a rest and bath before getting all dressed up for the
gala dinner and prize giving and by now we knew we had won for the 3rd year running.

Here we all are getting our prizes of the
great man himself and host of the par 3
Tony Jacklin CBE and Rick Cressman
another great night lovely prizes and
dancing so in the late to early hours its
back to our hotel as i'm up early again
in the morning as for the rest of the week
i'm caddying for my mate Ian.Thursday we
had Graeme Storm from the European
Tour in our group just out of this world
were else would you be so close to all these golfing and other stars but the par 3.
I no iv been going on a bit but please bear with me. We had our son Tom coming up on
the Thursday hes never been up there before so thought id surprise him by asking some
of the guys if he could caddy for them as he plays of 5 and wants to turn pro so I asked
the lovely Larry Laoretti from the USA  who always has a big old cigar going. Tom was over
the moon but also Tom didn't realize how close you were to all the stars. Over the years I think
he thought I was telling  some little lies then hes walking in with me to get some lunch and I say
hi to one of his idols Alan Mcnally and ask hows the golf going Tom says you just spoke to
him I said of course as we've sat down for lunch with the other guys Alan also sits at our
table Toms jaw drops. That evening me Chris Ian Tom go for a indian meal and Willie Thorne
and his lovely wife are in there on the way out he comes over says hi Tom cant believe it
he turns round to us and says it surreal I cant get my head round this. He said 1st Alan
Mcnally comes sits at our table Willie Thorne comes up says hi he says im just waiting
for Darren Gough to jump out this roll. All in all we had a great week so a massive thank
you to everyone and don't forget you can catch all this on SKY Sports on Wed 11th of
September on sky sports 4 at 2.00pm  7.00pm and on the 12th at 7.00am you never no
you mite just get to see me and team TSG

Back to golf

8/21/2013 03:20:48


My up most apologies that its been so long since my last blog.

  A lot of you may know that in march I had to have an operation
 to have a new knee and knee cap put in so this put me out for a while.  I was
starting to worry a bit that I would t get back on the course this year as it was in the
only leg iv got left LOL . I was given the all clear to get back to golf in June which
was great because I had the TSG Open golf day championship on the 28th June
which would be my first game back. After doing range work and trying to get some
sort of swing back. This comp I always look forward to its a great day and its always
for my very good friend Ian Halliwells cup so I always support this one. This year it was back at Bletchingly a lovely course and only
about an hour from me. Its a tricky course with some tight holes but a great course I
was out with a good friend of mine and fellow disabled golfer Tony Lloyd which
was nice as I hadn't seen him for a while. We was also out with two other great guys
which im really sorry if your reading this guys but iv forgot your names but all four of
us had a great day. Me a Tony were chatting a lot about the weekend as we was off
up to Telford to play in Tonys day I think this must of helped him as Tony was playing
really well and ended up with 2nd place well done mate my golf was a bit hit and
miss but after a big lay off I thought I played not to bad. After a fairly long day
it was off home to pack for the weekend in Telford and play at the Horsehay golf club
were its the disabled guys against the members we done this last year and had a
great weekend so as Tony said are you coming up this year of course I said im on
my way.Its a great weekend the members are just great and the captain this year at
Horsehay was Carpy who I got on really well with last year so was looking forward
to seeing again. I got to play with him on the Saturday in the practice round we had
a good round even though my golf was still a bit off but Sunday was the important
day I was out with another of my good friends Mark Walters. We were against two of the
members well for me it was totally different my golf was on fire, I was striking the
ball really well and putting really well, I could t seem to miss from anywhere on the
green. Putting it in the hole or really close that they were giving it to us Mark was
playing well too but it seemed that he could t get a putt as I was always there in the
end we won our game 5-4 well done Mark. So now we are waiting for the others
to come in another team came  in they had won so now we are 2 up looking good
then the next two teams come in they had lost score 2-2 with team captain Tony
and Andy to come in we were all waiting. As they come in they said they had
won this was great news we had beat the members well done to everyone that
played.  After two years the score is 1-1 roll on next year I do hope you have
enjoyed this blog my next one will be on Scotland and the British par 3 
         till then thanks again PegLegRog

March 19th, 2013

3/20/2013 04:22:33


Well firstly i must say a big sorry for not doing any blogs for a while but to be honest their hasn't been a lot to blog about. Ive only been out on the course a couple of times this year due to the weather which has not been good for us golfers or the clubs them selfs. If it hasant been thick snow then its been heavy rain so a lot of courses havent been open.l When they have been shut I have been going up the range to keep my eye in as iv a  lot of comps coming up this year which i will be putting on my upcoming events page very soon. I have  got to go in to hospital and have a operation which i think i mite of said before well now i have finely got my date and I go in on the 21st of march to get a new knee, this  should be intresting being a amputee and only having the one so let the good times roll. I have booked a round for the 22nd of march but dont think the doctors will let me out for that lol.  I will be letting you all know how it gos may even put some  pics on of the knee you never know.  Not a lot more to say at the moment apart from I would like to thank ROYAL&AWESOME for their continued support in sponsoring me with their great clothes so have a look at their website for great gear. I am still looking for individuals or companird who may be intrested in any sort of sponsorship to help with entry fees and just getting to competition,would be good for you as well as me if you can help in anyway, how ever big or small please get in contact.  Well thats me done till after the op now so all take care play some great golf and i'll let you all know how it goes  when im home .Thank you for takeing the time to read this

         Roger      pegleg

December 27th, 2012

12/28/2012 04:57:06



Well this year for me has had its ups and down. In
March it was off to Essex for our bi anual home Nations I  was really looking
foward to this as I  was captain  of the Europe team and had a good team behind
me. It was not to be as we came 2nd to a good England side i must admit
that the golf course was not in the best of nick but the hotel was out of this world.

And its off to Wokefield Park to play in a qualifer day for the chance to play at the
ISPS Handa PGA Senions Championship at Slaley hall. It was a lovley course I
was lucky as I was playing with one off my good mates on the disabled circuit
and all round funny man Mr William Henneasey. I think i must of been in every
bunker there was on the front 9 of this golf course but still i didt play to bad but did
not make the top 2 to qualifly. I had a great day and met a lot of new peaple
which is allways good..Also this month i was asked if I would go up to the East
Sussex National and do a bit with golf GOLF MONTHLY for the Disabled Brithish
open that we would be having  later in the year.  I was up there with a couple
of the other guys that would be playing in it Paul Cunninham and Peter Lawrow 2 great
guys we had a great time doing it and my golf was going well on the day. The article
appeard a few months later so lets hope a few of you saw it and enjoyed it.

Saw me not going to far from home for this one day comp. Im always one of the first to
get my name down for this 1 as its my good friend that invites me to a lot of comps to
play in Mr Ian Halliwell.  Its of to Bletchinley golf club in THESOCIALGOLFER.COM
open. It was a great day as usuall  I met some great guys played well here but just not
good enough to get in the prizes. With this month being a very busy one it is now off to
play in the celebrity show am up near Birmingham with TSG team captian Mr Ian Halliwell
Skitty and ex footballer Bobby Thompson we all played really well and we won well done
guys. The following week we was up my good friends and fellow disabled golfer Tony
Lloyd golf club for a challange match against the members there was a few of us disabled
guys that went up for this and what a good time we had.It was raining on the practise day
so one or two of us only done 9 holes and done the other 9 in the bar with a few of the members,
while the others finished  the other 9 then we had a bit food with the members then back to
the hotel ready for the next day competition. I  was playing with Tony and a couple of his good
mates, well we didt win our match but had a good laugh we lost the rest of the matches all
bar one but every one had a great time. I cant wait till next year if they play it again id
like to thank Tony and all the members at Horsehay golf club for what you did we all
enjoyed it.

Was going to be another busy month for me as well. At the begining  of the month I was off to
play in Holland. I had been invited to go to by Willam Hennasey and Bea and the firm Bea
works for IMSM so id like to say a big thanks to them for taking me.  My golf out there
was the worst that Id ever played I cant remmber playing as bad as I did since I first started
playing. In the end i just laughed  becase I just couldt do anything about it but i didt come last
but not that far off it. While I was out there the gear box on my car went so it didt get any
better at all.
Towards the end of the month it was time to head up to St Andrews Scotland to play pairs
with my good mate Ian Halliwell in the facebook open the brain child of Steve Cooke an
all round good bloke. He even came and found us in the pub on our first night up their even
though he was heading of to a wedding just to say hi to us. We played 3 great courses up there.
On the last day my stump was bleeding I could hardly walk but had to keep going to try and
get them points for me and my partner Ian.In the end it was worth it we won the facebook pairs
and Ian won the individual for the 3 days. Well done mate but i think one of the highlights of the
trip was on my birthday Steve said to me,Ian,and Fred who was allso an amputee to get our
suits on and meet him down at the R&A. We got down there and he said right guys where
going in there he had arranged for us to go in and have a tour .Well for me I was just gob smacked
I couldt belive I was inside the home of golf looking out it was out of this world many many thanks
for that steve. You did a great job to for the facebook open well done mate to you and the
whole of your family well done hope to see you soon.

Is going to be another month thats going to be busy as Ive been invited to play in the British par 3
by Ian this is another great time.In the TSG team for this was myself Ian Skitty and our celebrity
for this was none other the the american big break winner Mark Murphy. God knows what he
must of thought when he came and found us. You got Ian calling me a 1 legged prat and me
taking the piss out of him he must of thought what the bloody hell have I  let myself in for .So the start
came and we was off we were all playing really well Mark was playing out of his skin it was great
to see how the pros can hit their wedges. All in all we had a good day and we won it thats two years
running that we had won  finnger crossed and mr Halliwell asks me next year and we can make it
3 in a row.
Now this is the one all us disabled guys look foward to the Disabled British Open at the East Sussex
National nice one for me just a couple of minutes up the road from me. It all started well then come
back 9 i had 2 really bad holes I had a 10 on the par 3 16th then an 8 on the 17th so to bad holes then
on to Sunday. All was going well then it happend again I had two bad holes half way through my
round in the end I came 35th overall and 9th in my catergory so all in all it wasnt to bad but could of
been a bit better if I had of had them 4 bad holes over the 2nd day.

See me heading of to to Burhill golf club in Surrey as I had be asked if id like to play in the [SADGA]
day which is the south african disabled golf association. I was down to play with another friend of
mine and fellow disabled player Shaun Bakker. We were playing in pairs with two great guys
and members of Burhill.  Shaun got of to a bit of a slow start so lucky I was playing well we had
a nice few points on the front 9 with me doing most of it. Shaun helping on a couple of holes then
it turned the other way on the back 9 Shaun had found his game and was playing out of his skin. I
helped on a couple of holes but we played really well as a team we had a good few points thought we
may be in with a shout of being placed somewere in the prizes. We got changed and went up for the
dinner and  prize giving and we had manged to get first place we were over the moon we  got some lovley
prizes and SADGA had made a lot of money on the day which was really good. Loved meeting everyone
up there made a lot of new friends and saw a lot of my mates that i hadnt seen for a while thank you SADGA
and all the other guest for making it a great day.

I really look foward to all the xmas games I went up to Studley wood golf club near Oxford this is another
one that my friend Ian invites me to.It  allso gives me the chance to meet up with big Lee and Norman who I
only get to see them once a year as they live right up in Wigan. This year wasnt
 quite going to be the same as
our captian of TSG Ian couldt make it, as he had got his motor stuck in snow. 
 So  he said did I  know  anyone to take so I took my son Tom which was good for me as i hadnt played
golf with him for a while with him at university. We all played well in all chiped in here and there we didnt win but
we came 4th so we still came away with something.  Gutted our captian couldt make it so after the meal we
had to leave quite quickly as me and Tom had to be up at our golf club next day for our xmas scramble we
all look foward to this. Our team played well we was round in level par but not good enough for a win but Tom
and his team played well and went on and won it. They won a turkey each well done to them and every one else
that took part and to all the Boars head starff so all in all a really good year

              So all in all it hasnt been a bad year its had its highs and some lows.Talking of lows iv just
found out that iv got to go and have a knee replacement so i wont be on the the course a lot at the begining
of the year just hope im not out for to long but got to be done..
     I would also just like to thank all the people that of helped me this year Matt Bigwood, Birgit and Willam
Heannesey, Peter and all the starf from Boars head golf centre Ian Mullens and all his team at
if your ever looking to get a game anywhere check them out . Also to my clothes sponser Royal & Awesome
check them out great clothes that you wont be missed in and last of all to my good mate mr Ian Halliwell thank
you for all the invites though the year love playing with you mate and see you soon
    If iv missed anyone im sorry and thank you as well and also if anyone would like to help next year
with any sponsorship which would be very helpfull then please get in contact It dosnt matter how big or small
it all helps oh and thanks for taking the time to read my blogs throgh the year and hope you all had a good
xmas and you all have a happy new year and see you on the golf course next year at some time

                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A GOOD 2013

October 29th, 2012

10/30/2012 02:47:40

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Hi everyone
 Firstly I must apologise for taking so long to get this blog done but I have been
getting something together which is really exciting for me and im still sorting a few things
out for this so keep an eye on here for the news.
Anyway on with the golf and the Disabled British Open. Friday was practice day which see me
get together with my good friend Tony lloyd and a chap called Paul. We had been chatting
to him on Twitter and his mate Roger. The golf was going well for me and Tony we was beating Paul
and Roger but we had to call it a day on the 11th hole as the heavens opened and we didt want
to get wet. Saturday and the 1st day of comp.I was out late which helped a bit
as it was chucking it down 1st thing. anyway I played with Derek Milne and Derek
Rogers which was great as id never played with these guys before. I was playing really well untill
the 16th par 3 where  I had 10 then on the 17th par 4 i had a seven not good. So on to day 2 once
again i was out with Derek Rogers and Simon Wilcock. The weather was much better  I
started playing well again but just 2 holes cost me again. I endend up 9th in my cat and
tied 34th over all out of 92 competters so not to bad in the end

I got a email asking if I would like to play in a charity day in aid of the South Afrcan disabled
golf associotion at Burhill golf club in Surrey. This is a lovely course and I love playing there.
This is the 3rd time ive played there in the SADGA days and its always a good day. I was out
playing with a friend of mine Shaun Bakker who I know through the disabled golf and 2 members
from Burhill Steve Elliot and Steve Navde, two great guys. The format for the day was better ball
me and Shaun took on the 2 Steves. I was playing really well the front 9 and Shaun came in
on a couple of holes and the 2 steves were play well.  We was just edgeing in front so 9 holes
done, stop for a lovely bit of BBQ and it was on to the back 9.  I think the food must of hit
the spot for Shaun as he was a different player he couldnt miss. it was a complete change from the
front 9.  We played well as a team 18 holes
done 43 points it was enough to beat the Steves but was it enough to win the day, we had to wait a while
to find out. So after a loveley meal its time for the presantion. Yes we had done it me and Shaun
had won which was great so id like to thank Shaun Steve Elliot and Steve Navde for the bottle of wine as
well and also a big thanks to Eugene Vorster and Lily Reich for the invite hope to see you next year
and well done on the money raised and everyone involved.

      Many Thanks
          peglegrog   {Roger}

August 17th, 2012

8/18/2012 03:14:28

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Here we are again.  After the sucess in Scotland its time for us to leave our B&B  Aslar House in North Street and absolute must for anyone staying in St Andrews.  The welcome from Stan Hastie and his wife Mary was sensational a truly brilliant guest house. Stan and Mary just couldnt do enough for us, a stones through from the shops and Old Course FANTASTIC!
We left Scotland on Friday to start our journey south in time for the British Par 3 at Nailcote Hall on Tuesday.  On route we visited our good friends and TSG captain Ian and Karen Halliwell.  This was a special visit to Hawes to celebrate the opening of Karens gift and craft shop Karian Crafts in Milkchurn Cottage  Hawes.  A lovely dales villiage and Karens shop is a must for all visitors.  Our best wishes with all the luck in the world goes out to them for this venture.  We are truly jealous and its made us think of plans for ourselves
Not only were we going to the British Par 3 to defend our title but also to launch Ians book 'Living the Dream'.   An inspiration for all readers Well done Ian.  A great read for all espeically the pages on which I feature LOL.
Now to the golf.  We didnt know who our celebrity for Tuesdays round was going to be until that morning but what a pleasure it was when we found out it was Mark Murphy the winner of Big Break in America, and Irish European Tour golfer.  Was he ready for team TSG, Peg,Ian and Skitty in florescent pink polo shirts, me with one leg, Ian on top form and Skitty trying to keep all in control. 
Team TSGwith Mark Murphy and Rebecca Keen from Eye Candy Caddies.

Me and Mark Murphy.  Im looking rather dapper in my Royal and Awsome sponsored clothes

Mark was really playing well peppering the pins, Skitty was playing out of his skin.  Me and Ian played well also making us the team to beat at -16.
Being an earlier tee off we had to wait all day as the rest of the results came in. Triumphant once more winners two years running Bob Champion in 2011 and now the one and only Mark Murphy in 2012 will we be abloe to make it 3 ??
I have to say Nailcot was playing exceptional the work that Rick and Sue have put in over the last 12 months has paid dividends.  Great work well done to you both.
Collecting our prizes from Tony Jacklin and Rick Cressmen owner of Nailcot hall
We enjoyed the next two days.  I caddied for Ian and we soaked up the fantastic atmospher of the Par 3 event.
Wednesday evenings cabaret was a particular highlight for me when I was dragged on to stage by Bobby Davro.  A brilliant entertainer and a fantastic evening had by all.  I had the last laugh as Bobby took the micky of me limping and then I showed him my false leg and stuck it in the air.  To say he was stuck for words was an understatement.  Thank you Bobby I had a great time.

Thanks to Rick and Sue at Nailcot, Farmfoods and Champions for a great event as always and to Ian and Karen Halliwell for the kind invite.
Ians book 'Living the Dream' can be obtained from Waterstones,and Smiths in time for xmas. Amazon and Ebay or from Ian himself for a signed copy for £9.99 plus postage A great read.
Now in training for the British Disabled Open at the East Sussex National 24/25/26 August.  Come and watch some fantastic golf by some fantastic playe

August 15th, 2012

8/16/2012 04:04:43

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Well hi everyone

Its been a while since my last blog which i do apolgies for.  I have so
much to catch up on so i hope you dont get bored, there is good news and bad
news so lets start with the bad.

Well I went to Holland, I was really looking foward to this as IMSM
sponserd me to go, they are the company that took me to Italy last year where I
won so it was great to be asked to go and represent them again.  Thank you
to all especially William and Birgit two great friends who got me out there..
Well I had played on this course before but was ready for the golf
practice day.It was ok but then I was having trouble with the driver i couldn't hit it
so after 11 holes I came in and left it for the day. I hoped it would  work ok
in the competition.  No it didn't i struggeled with all my woods i couldn't hit my driver,
my five wood, my seven wood but my irons were ok. You cant get round a course
like that, teeing of with a 6 iron so to say I had my worst rounds since i took up golf
is an understatemant. I felt embarrased as I knew I could play so much better.  William
cheered me up when were at a par 3 over water and ball after ball was going in
and he says well a least the water levels rising, well what could you say i just
laughed. Two days bad golf but had a great time so thank you again Mr William
Hennesey and B and IMSM.
So on to Scotland
We was heading to Scotland for the facebook open in St Andrews were their was 60 competitors.
Was really looking foward to this as we were playing pairs and singles and I was playing with my
good friend Mr Ian Halliwell. We also had the wives with us which was great as well.  We were
going to meet the great Steve Cooke who had put a lot of hard work into getting this comp up and
running, and what a great comp he put on. Well done Steve and your Famliy for all the hard work
you put in. We drove up on the Saturday, as Sunday was registration. Satueday night we found a pub
for a drink and some food with Ian and Karen and my wife Chris.  Steve came and found us
just to say hi as he was off to a wedding but really nice just to pop in and say see you tommorow.
 Registration night was upon us were we would see a couple of old friends and make a lot more.
So on to the golf we were playing the Dukes, a lovely course, bit hard in places but Ian played out
of his skin and i played ok as well a good 1st day for me and Ian. Next day was at the Torrance
this was a lovely course to play and another good day for me and Ian. I thought we were in with a chance
here of winning the pairs with one day left, also another good day for Ian in the singles as well.
We are here the last day by now i'm tired, my stump has rubbed red raw but I knew we had to put one
last charge in, I was really struggling but Ian kept me going . The last day wasn't as good for me as the
others but Ian was on fire and I helped a bit to get some valuable points. Job done now it was a waiting
game to see how we has done  in the pairs and singles. We had to wait till the Thursday for the prize giving.
Wednesday was my birthday and Steve said get your suits on to me Ian and Fred another amputee
from Adelaide, great bloke and he would meet us outside the R & A, so were thinking strip club as it was
Freds birthday the next day.  What would we tell the wifes when we got back lol. Well as it
happens it wasn't a strip club it was ten times better we was going into the R & A.  How good is
this to say I was in heaven would be an understatment this was fantastic, as you have to be invited in.
 We  had a tour round and it was fantastic, Steve thank you it was one of the best birthday
presents ever. Now back to Thursday went to the  Old course hotel for prize giving and a lovely
meal. There were  loads of prizes. Ian got a nearest the pin, our friend Willy from Scotland won one as well. On to the main prizes I was in the top 15 which i was happy with and 1st place in the singles Mr Ian
Halliwell well done mate, you did great . Now to the pairs, yes we had done it we'd won the pairs we
were over the moon,some lovely prizes. I would like to say a well done to everyone that played to the
ones we played with Robbie you were the man and to everyone that helped. To Steve and all your
famliy for the great work and the hospitality you showed us while we was there.
I would allso like to thank my new clothes sponser Royal & Awesome for their support and getting
me their great gear before we went. So check them out and one last thing I will be doing another
blog soon to let you no how the British Par 3 went.

June 18th, 2012

6/19/2012 02:07:40

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Here we are again
 Its been a busy couple of weekends for me and the wife, me with my golf
and her getting new handbags. Well one actually but I dont mind she does a
lot of my golfing things with me which is great. Anyway back to the golf so
on Sat the 9th  June we heading up to play at the West Midlands Golf Club
for the twentyfifth Show-Am celebrity classic. I was really looking foward
to  see all the gang team captain Mr Ian Halliwell and his wife Karren and
the Skitts Chris and Steve we allways have a great time when we meet up. So
after a couple of drinks in the hotel we head off up the road to the pub for some
food which was lovely. Back to the hotel to get our heads down. Sunday we are
rearing to go so we head of up the golf club to meet our 4th member for the
day none other than Bobby The Dazzler Thomson the Ex Aston Villa and
Wolverhampton player. Loveley man if you can find it, have a read of his book
a real eye opener.  Back to the golf we were all doing our bit and scoring
well apart from one player mr Halliwell who was playing out of his skin, he was
on fire, ive never seen him play so well as he did. Well done mate keep it going.
 Back in to the club house with 99 points so we thought we must be in or around
with a shout. As we were walking across the car park Willie Thorne says are you
 the group with 99 points, as hes having a giggle with us. Glad rags on sat down
and waiting to see how we got on yes! we done it. We won another nice bit of
crystal wear for the mantel piece and a big cup. Well done to all the team and a
special thanks to our captian Ian for the invite it was a loveley weekend.
Here we go again another cheeky weekend away with the wife back up to the Midlands but
this time where heading for Telford not one of my favaorate places, as when I was last there
in 2005 I had a heart attack, so hoping lighting dosn't strike twice lol.
We are all up here for one of my good mates Tony Lloyd  another disabled golfer has
arranged for a load of the disabled guys to go and play some of his members. As usual really
looking foward as this. Its the first  time this year that I have seen a lot of our guys and meet new
ones in the form of Dave Standing lovely guy and a fair golfer. Nice to of met you Dave and look
foward to seeing you again. Saturday was just for us guys to have a bit of stabbleford with the
members so we could see the course and a bit of practice for Sunday. It was chucking it down
so me and a lovely guy called Steve Carpenter {carpy} decide that after 9 holes we would rather
get wet on the inside, so we headed to the bar and had one or two while the others went back out in
the rain. After they has all done we had bit of food then back off to the hotel and then the pub. We had a lovely
evening with all the below knee amps taking their legs off and saying, well this is the one ive got
there must of been 3 or 4 legs getting passed over the table, it was so funny. Goodness knows what people
must off thought. Sunday back off to Horsehay Golf  Club pairs are done im out with Tony which was
great as its always nice to get a game with him. We were also out with Carpy and another Horsehay
member Clive two great guys to play with. Thanks guys . Me and Tony  got beat but a great game
 We lost a few more as well and lost to the members 4 and 1. I would  like to say it was great seeing all the disabled guys and see you all soon. I would allso
like to say thank you to Tony Lloyd for organising  it and to all the Horsehay members for having
us there and making us feel so welcome. Hope to see you all next year. Also a big thanks to the staff
for bringing the buggies up and the bar staff and any one else iv forgoten. Just one last thing its a
great course to play so if your up or around that area I recomend you give it a go, oh and your know who
Carpy is as your here him sorry mate your not that bad great playing with you

June 03rd, 2012

6/4/2012 01:36:56

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Another hectic week
Its been a week that iv been looking foward to for a while on Wednesday the 30th
I was asked to play up the East Sussex National to do a bit for the disabled
British Open. This will be held there on Aug 24,25.26 so get yourself up there we need all the support. 
Anyway this was with a journalist from Golf Monthly Fergus Bisset, great
chap plays off 2 also with us was Paul Cunninham who is a one arm player
and Pieta leroux a blind golfer. We had a lovely day the sun was shinning and
my golf was good. only two bad holes for me but not that bad. Anyway it should
be in the August Edition of golf monthly so keep you eyes open for it.

Friday the 1ST june
is another day of the year I look foward to the TSG day which stands for The
Social Golfers championn ship. We play for my good friend Ian Halliwells
cup where we are in our 3rd year now. Last year I came 2nd so this year I was
looking to go one better and get 1st but sad to say i didn't get it, I had a bad start
and only scored 9 points on the front 9 but faired a lot better on the back 9 where
I scored 19 points to make me 28 points on the day.I got to play with 3 great guys
that I hadn't met before Steven / Patrick Jongbloet and Andy Parker who got 3rd
place on the day. Well done Andy it was great playing with you all thank guys, great day
and the winner on the day was Paul Langford who I had the pleasure to play with in
this comp last year. Well done Paul and to everyone who helped with the organization
and everybody that played, a great day and thank you Ian Mullins for your hard work
on this day

Sat 2nd June
This was going to be a busy day for me we had our 3rd round in the Exclusive which
is a comp for the little bit higher handicap players in the club we were playing Beauport
golf club from nr Hastings. We had some good games me and my partner on the day
Ray Sargent lost our game and so did the rest of the team unlucky boys ,always next
 year.  Well done Beauport and good luck in the next round. I had to shoot straight off from
the golf as I had to get over to Biddenden for a Memorial football match in memory of Pat
Finnan who was our Manager from when I was playing as a boy and then on in to the mens
side. As you can imagine I was looking foward to this as it was a chance to have a beer or
two and catch up with people i havn't seen for over 15 years. It was great I was so pleased
to see so many of my old team mates and other friends there that i havn't seen for so long
it was a great day and a late night

May 28th, 2012

5/29/2012 02:01:26


Here we are again folks
 Its been a very busy time for me lately I seem to be golf golf golf
but dont tell the wife lol. Last week we went up to Wokefield Park Golf
 club near  Reading to play in a disabled blind qualifyer. for the chance
to play in pro am that will be on sky tv.I had 29 points and the
winning score was 35 well done to them.  I spent more time in the
bunkers I think I hit 9 out of 9 on the front it was soul destroying . but we
had a great four ball . A chap I hadn't met before Bernie an ex solider
doing a lot for battle back which I dont know a lot about,, but will let you know
its a bit like help the hereos I think. We also had Ian dixon who I  know, he's
a good laugh, and the one and only William hennesey who just has me
in fits all the time, and thank you Brendon for driving, my turn next mate.

This week is busy as well ,Wednesday Im up at the East Sussex National to do
a bit on the Disabled British Open 2012 with Fergus Bisset from Golf
Monthly and a couple of other disabled guys, should be good.

Then on Friday Im of to play at Bletchingley golf club in surrey in the TSG
golf day championship for the Halliwell cup which is my friend Ians brain
child so for you mate ill try and go one better this year and get that 1ST
place fingers crossed.

Saturday we are in the second round of the East Sussex exclusive cup
against Beauport park at the Boars Head Golfing Centre so we have got
the home advantage so lets hope we can have a good win at home boys.

 We won our 9 hole leage match against Eastbourne golfing park
4-1 me and my son won 6 and 4 well done Tom and the rest of the team

        Sorry if its gone on a bit but a lot to get in and dont forget if your
        out their playing in this weather use your sun cream
                    happy golfing